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Support For Multiple Icon Prefixes

Added by Andrew Xavier over 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:03/16/2011
Priority:NormalDue date:05/16/2011
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Just as there seems to be support for more flexible customization ability with LightIRC emoticons, the same should be true for the user list icons. It is probably true that some people using the parameter for custom suer list icons may not use the same prefixes that are currently programmed into LightIRC. I believe that there should be a parameter in LightIRc that allows you to set all the various prefixes used in your IRCd, define a path to an image for the named prefix, and give the prefix a name to appear in the user list. For example if you hover over an icon it may say "Voice", "Operator", ect. So in essence, it would be something like this:

paramater.X = "!#$%^"
Paramater.Y = "!.png
.png #.png $.png %.png ^.png"
Paramater.Z = "Voice Halfop Op Admin Founder IRCOp"

Also, this parameter should allow for any number of prefixes to be defined. While it may not be simple, people who enjoy LightIRC for its GUI would probably generally like this sort of feature, especially if they want more flexibility, WITHOUT, programming switch statements/else-if statements in PHP to determine the same thing this could do, but better.

Thank you for considering my request,



#1 Updated by Valentin Manthei over 8 years ago

  • Priority changed from High to Normal

Can you please provide the hostname of your IRC server?

#2 Updated by Andrew Xavier over 8 years ago

Yes, you can connect on port 6667 for plain text, or 6666 for SSL.

#3 Updated by Valentin Manthei over 8 years ago

A note for me:
Investigate which prefixes different IRC servers use. We currently only support qaohv.


#4 Updated by Valentin Manthei almost 8 years ago

Y is the InspIRCd ojoin module, y is the operprefix module.
I am still not sure if we should have full support for IRC server specific prefixes. However, the users should be sorted appropriately in the user list.

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