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Added by F. Laurent almost 7 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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Hello. I am from Chatter.lu and i would like to suggest a Module / Param to insert users who are able to watch / view Private Webcam`s without the users acceptation because of (abuse/perverse/etc)

I'm suggesting this because we had a webcam chat in luxemburg who has been claused because perverses etc.

Ps. (Sorry if i wrote some errors my english isn't pritty good)


#1 Updated by Roi Conde almost 7 years ago

If the camera is turned to private mode, sounds illegal to be able to see it without user consent. In my opinion.

#2 Updated by F. Laurent almost 7 years ago

we had a chat like that in luxemboug and there was some pervers ppl showing their ..... to young girls after that parents have gone to the police and this chat has been claused.

So thats why i wan't like IRC Operators to be able to control this.

(would like i could explain this in german :x)

#3 Updated by Paulo Carvalho over 6 years ago

I'm the owner of an IRC channel and i found this post to be of value. I sometimes find the same problem at my channel, wanting to moderate what is going on and not being able to do it.
If somehow there is the possibility to include a parameter that at least the channel ops can view all cams even if they are set to private, only for moderation purposes, it would be a plus for your module, aswell as for all channels and IRC servers that use your software.
Please have this in consideration.
Thank you in advance for you time.


#4 Updated by Kevin Glazenburg over 6 years ago

I also agree there should be some way to regulate cam usage, for example by disallowing private cams in a channel or on the entire irc server or by allowing ircops/channel operators to view private streams, this to minimize abuse by malicious users. Even if it runs trough the peer to peer network, for sites it's important to hold up a good name when it comes to keeping malicious users to a minimum, when you can't control whether a user can cam privately with a user in a channel/network, it makes it very hard to keep a eye on malicious users.

#5 Updated by Rafael Janssen over 6 years ago

i also would like this feature for chanops in some channels nudecams are forbidden.
and ops are there to monitor the chat.
my opinion is that ops also need to be able to see te private cam streams.
lots of childs are the target of pervs these days.
specially for them the ops should be able to check all the streams and kick or ban users for nude cams in channels where nude cam is forbidden.

#6 Updated by Valentin Manthei over 6 years ago

Thanks for the input to all of you. I'll definitely add a webcam moderation feature soon.

#7 Updated by Valentin Manthei about 3 years ago

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