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Provide Support for the IRC Away System

Added by Alexander Schulz over 8 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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That includes a easy Way to set/remove the away status. But Also to take care of RAW 301 (away msg in whois) and mabe it is also possible to mark away nicks in the Userlist?
However, at least support for RAW 301 should be no Problem.


#1 Updated by Valentin Manthei over 8 years ago

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301 was already handled properly, but the output appeared in the server window. All away related messages are now being redirected to the active window.

/back is now an alias for /away. Are they any other popular aliases which lightIRC should support?

I am thinking about the away nicks in the user list. Writing them in italic would be a good approach.

#2 Updated by Alexander Schulz over 8 years ago

im only familiar with the unrealircd project... so i dont know any other commands.
Writing away Nicks italic would be nice, but - im not really sure - is it required to check the channel userlist frequently to provide this functionality?

#3 Updated by Valentin Manthei over 8 years ago

The common way to update the away settings for the user list is to submit WHO requests in a specific time interval.
lightIRC could easily handle this for small channels, but we would run into serious performance problems when having this enabled for a 1000 people channel.

I am not sure yet. Maybe don't realize that feature or make it available only with a custom parameter.

#4 Updated by Alexander Schulz over 8 years ago

hmm... needs to be tested with Large Channels.
Maybe the update interval can be automatically de/incresed depending on the channel size?
Or the Feauture is only active in Channels smaller than x Users?
But the mark of away nicks in the user List is just a nice-to-have
The important thing is to get a replay after setting away, and to see the away status in the active Window.

#5 Updated by Tiago Geada over 8 years ago

long ago, I used a mIRC script called 'eXtreme'

This would put away nicks with a slightly faded color on userlist, and would scan the channel for several info (like idle, helper, ircop etc).

If the channel was more han a thousand users it would not update. You could force updated tho it warned you you could get laggy.

So yea, having this in mind, would be a nice feature.

#6 Updated by Jahangir Khan over 7 years ago

a away icon in nicklist that overides other icons when user is away would be nice to

#7 Updated by Anonymous over 4 years ago

Would like to see this

Would like to see a " coffee cup" icon that replaces the other icons while you are away

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