Feature #46

Able to set more than one shortcut for smileys

Added by Roi Conde over 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:01/14/2011
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It would be great to be able to set an array of shorcuts for same smiley for a great enhancement.

:) :-) (: (-:
xd xD XD Xd

Will display duplicated icons in the icon popup but it's all the same if you type it instead of selecting it from the icon popup window.


#1 Updated by Valentin Manthei over 8 years ago

Emoticon codes will be incase sensitive, that means xd xD XD Xd will all match for one code. However, making :) and :-) match the same emoticon will be feature for the future.

#2 Updated by Jahangir Khan over 7 years ago

params.emoticonList = ":)->1.png,:D->2.png,;)->3.gif,:O->4.png,:P->5.png,(H)->6.png,:->7.png,:$->8.png,:S->9.png,:(->10.png,:'(->11.gif,:|->12.png,(6)->13.png,(A)->14.png,:[->15.gif,:-#->16.png,8o|->17.png,8-|->18.png,^o)->19.png,:-*->20.png,+o(->21.png,(BRB)->22.gif,:^)->23.gif,*-)->24.gif,<o)->25.gif,8-)->26.gif,|-)->27.gif,;-\->28.png,:-\->29.png,(JK)->30.png,(J)->31.png,(V)->32.png,(LOL)->33.gif,(ROTFL)->34.gif,:8)->35.png,(FF)->36.gif,(FM)->37.gif,:'|->38.gif,:]->39.gif,:}->40.png,(BOO)->41.png,*|->42.gif,*\->43.png,;>44.gif,(WM)>45.png,(XO)->46.gif,(L)->47.png,(U)->48.png,(@)->49.png,(&)->50.png,(S)->51.png,()->52.png,(~)->53.png,(8)->54.png,(E)->55.png,(F)->56.png,(W)->57.gif,(O)->58.gif,(K)->59.png,(G)->60.png,(^)->61.gif,(P)->62.png,(I)->63.png,(C)->64.png,(T)->65.png,({)->66.png,(})->67.png,(B)->68.png,(D)->69.png,(Z)->70.png,(X)->71.png,(Y)->72.png,(N)->73.png,(NNH)->74.png,(#)->75.png,(R)->76.png,(SN)->77.png,(TU)->78.png,(PL)->79.png,(||)->80.png,(PI)->81.png,(SO)->82.png,(AU)->83.png,(AP)->84.png,(UM)->85.png,(IP)->86.png,(CO)->87.png,(MP)->88.png,(ST)->89.png,(PU)->90.png,(YN)->91.png,(H5)->92.gif,(MO)->93.png,(BAH)->94.png,(LI)->95.gif,(WO)->96.png,('.')->97.png,(BUS)->98.png,*P>99.png,*S*>100.png,(M)->101.png,(XX)->102.png,(%)->103.png,(CI)->104.gif,(?)->105.png,(AL)->106.png";

these are the emoticons i use the shortcuts are the same as windows live messenger so its easier to use for windows live and old msn chat users to use.

im having problems with these 6 emoticons. are there any workaround this?

1. (&)->50.png - this doesn't work and breaks up all other emoticons codes after it
2. +o(>21.png + get replaced by space
3. \
>43.png only every * get replaced by this emoticon and and every emoticon shortcut that has this character in gets replaced by this emoticon \ doesnt show up on the code
4. (
)->52.png - affected by number 3
5. S>100.png - affected by number 3
6. P
>99.png - affected by number 3

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