Bug #625

Clicking an URL that contains capital letters in protocol opens malformed link

Added by Kin Kith over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:11/09/2014
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Assignee:Valentin Manthei% Done:


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Discovered by kiritshuko, regarding lightIRC 1.3.2 Build 135

Clicking links with all lowercase protocols (http, ftp, etc.) opens the browser to the correct URL:

http://www.google.com ==> http://www.google.com
ftp://www.google.com ==> ftp://www.google.com

However, clicking links with at least one capital letter in the protocol opens the browser to a malformed URL:

Http://www.google.com ==> http://http//www.google.com
HTTP://www.google.com ==> http://http//www.google.com
Ftp://www.google.com ==> http://ftp//www.google.com


#1 Updated by Kin Kith over 4 years ago

Confirmed also as a bug for lightIRC 1.3.3 Build 144.

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