Bug #702

Webcams remain active after disconnect.

Added by Rasmus Jensen over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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So... I've been swarmed with questions why webcam sessions remain active but blank after users disconnect / close lightIRC client-side.
- I've seen a few other tickets / cases on this, but haven't been updated for about a year.

Is there anything planned to fix this, or any work-around to avoid this kind of issue?


#1 Updated by Valentin Manthei over 3 years ago

Can you explain in detail what you mean by "active but blank"?

#2 Updated by Rasmus Jensen over 3 years ago

Hi Valentin,

Once a user disconnect or close lightIRC, their webcam session remains in webcam admin, but there is no streamed media, it is just blank, so it's like their webcam session is hanging in the webcam admin / webcam list, and their session remains until the Red5 server has been restarted or it's flushed of users (no active users).

At client-end watching these webcams, it doesn't say they are offline, they pretty much get the same view, a completely blank view of the webcam, but it acts like it's still online.

In detail my best guess is that the session is hanging in the media server in some way.

#3 Updated by Rasmus Jensen over 3 years ago

Another observation.

If somebody has been looking at your cam, and they disconnect they'll still be on your viewer list, and the time-counter keeps going as well..

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