Bug #716

Webcam light doesn't go "off" when webcam is delsected in all pulldown menus.

Added by Sean Pinkerton over 3 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:03/13/2016
Priority:UrgentDue date:
Assignee:Valentin Manthei% Done:


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I've been having this issue for quite sometime, around the use of new Flash update, Java JRE/SRE or LightIrc version,etc,etc.


When a user deselects the use of the webcam in LightIRC their webcam LED stay on.

Seems an update to Adobe or Java may have caused this problem? (Would be my guess.)that or LightIRC (I haven't been using it much, only recently upgraded to use Red5-1.0.5-Release and Java 8 (Tried the open version and the Oracles)

"java" command comes up with version 8

But anyhow, this "bug" (if it even is a bug), I'd just like to know if maybe I could track down the problem?

Maybe it somehting to do with my Red5 server?

I installed red5.1.0.5 (every version up to M5) and the problem still contrinues.

But when I do launch Red5-server I get some WARNS: about about 3 missing .Jar files.

Maybe that the problem?

Anyhow, if you could help me out with this problem, that would be great. I can't find anything on Google about it.

My only concern about this problem is chat users who do not tell Adobe (right-click) to not allow a website access to your webcam.

And, sadly most do not know you can do this, and it does seem a bit odd, I wonder if it continues to stream data to your Red5-server?

I'm seeing connection closed messages in Red5 log messages.

Yet, the webcam light stays on, anyhow, figure is something on my end. (Maybe the few missing .Jar files when I start Red5-server?)

Any help would be very appreciated, anyone else having this problem?


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