Custom user list appearance

A feature many webmasters asked for, is the ability to show "men and women in different colors" in the user list. This feature was made popular by the PJIRC Java Applet. It achieves that functionality by passing a string like "25 M Berlin" as a value for the realname setting.
Now, a much more flexible approach has been introduced to lightIRC, while maintaining compatibility with PJIRC clients.

Mark men and women differently in the user list

params.performContinousWhoRequests = true;
params.userListCustomFormatting = "realname=(^|[\\W_])\\d*\\d[\\W_][MmHh]:userListMan,realname=(^|[\\W_])\\d*\\d[\\W_][FfWw]:userListWoman";

What does that mean?
All users, whose realname setting matches the formatting described above using a regular expression, get the styles userListMan or userListWoman assigned. The syntax for the parameter is as follows:

params.userListCustomFormatting = "(nick/ident/host/realname/mode)=(regular expression):(style name)";

You separate multiple settings with commas.
The parameter performContinousWhoRequests is important because otherwise, lightIRC would not know about the realname of the users.
You can find more information about regular expressions in the Adobe ActionScript 3.0 documentation.

Last but not least, you need to define the styling of userListMan and userListWoman. You do this within your CSS file:

.userListMan {

.userListWoman {

Mark operators and voiced users differently

Now, let's have a look at a simpler case. Imagine you want to want your operators in the channels to appear bold and blue and voiced users green.
You don't need a complex regular expression, instead you use the mode (q/a/o/h/v) as the test value.

params.userListCustomFormatting = "mode=o:userListOperator,mode=v:userListVoice";

Looks easy, doesn't it?
Here is the appropriate CSS for this feature:

.userListOperator {

.userListVoice {