Helpful usage knowledge

Commands to use within lightIRC

  • /query nick or /q nick opens a query with nick
  • /amsg message sends a message to all open channels
  • /hop parts and rejoins the current channel
  • /j channel joins a channel
  • /part parts current channel
  • /ignore nick ignores nick
  • /unignore nick unignores nick
  • /ignores lists ignores
  • /ctcp nick command sends a CTCP request to nick. Valid commands: version, clientinfo, source, time, ping, finger
  • /nocolor removes the color from your messages
  • /help shows some information about lightIRC


  • Press the arrow keys left and right when having the focus in the text input to change between channel and query windows
  • Press the arrow keys up and down together with the control key when having the focus in the text input to scroll the chat window
  • Right click a user in the user list to see different options