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01:09 pm lightIRC Wiki edit: Flash_Policy_setup_instructions (#26)


10:06 am lightIRC Bug #687 (Closed): Make auto type command after user identifies
That's what the JavaScript programming interface is for. I would listen in onServerCommand for "you are now identifie...
10:05 am lightIRC Bug #678 (Closed): Bad Arabic translation.
10:04 am lightIRC Feature #667 (Closed): Google Fonts
10:04 am lightIRC Support #684 (Closed): [Updated]: Greek language!
10:04 am lightIRC Support #688 (Rejected): Hide Spoof Password
Us Er described it quite well.
10:03 am lightIRC Bug #690 (Rejected): error No external channel messages (#znc)
This is perfectly normal. You cannot send a message to a channel you are not in.
10:03 am lightIRC Feature #708 (Rejected): Ability to set background image
By the design of lightIRC this does only work through stylesheets.
10:02 am lightIRC Support #697: Replace URLS or Text to Custom Message
Is it still up to date?
10:01 am lightIRC Feature #699 (Closed): Unicode nicknames in lightIRC

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