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07:41 pm lightIRC Bug #207 (Closed): ghosting
people leave the channel...and their nick remains
07:41 pm lightIRC Feature #204: Avatars
if i wanted IRC then i don't want icons either..but if i want the varient where the gifs are supported then of course...
10:56 am lightIRC Bug #206: timeout to reup login
well. i just tried to reproduce and it is showing the login every time now. but it wasn't just me. i had a user come...
10:32 am lightIRC Bug #206: timeout to reup login
no, when you are logged in and you refresh, then there is a blank space where the chat was...if you wait awhile a ref...
03:42 am lightIRC Bug #206 (Rejected): timeout to reup login
if we refresh..and hopefully this will just go away but if it is variable i still would ask it be as ever so short a ...
03:38 am lightIRC Feature #204: Avatars
i want to pile in on this. i been ircing since early 90s. we never would have thought of this. but the younger kids (...

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