Mickey Gee

  • Registered on: 12/13/2011
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09:51 am lightIRC Bug #696: Webcam select blank in Chrome
Also I can not see my own webcam feed, but others can when selecting the blank one.
09:47 am lightIRC Bug #696 (New): Webcam select blank in Chrome
Hi Michael,
See this picture:


02:56 pm lightIRC Bug #671: Error #2046
Valentin Manthei wrote:
> Please use this SWF (updated a few minutes ago): http://www.lightirc.com/assets/swf/lightI...


12:24 am lightIRC Feature #561: Webcam resolution / fps configurable via passed parameters
I agree on this idea!
We had a conversation earlier with you, Valentin.
I have to disagree with your point about ...


08:42 am lightIRC Bug #355: Webcam still streaming after closing
I have got the same bug.


05:21 pm lightIRC Bug #235 (Closed): V: 1.2.2 - Private vs. Public
When using these parameters:
params.webcamVideoOnly = true;
params.webcamPublicOnly = true;
You are not able...

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